Animal Cross Stitch for Kids

Animal Jumpers Cross Stitch Cards

Animal Jumpers Cross Stitch Cards for Kids / free templates at Mr Printables

We enjoyed our simple sewing cards for the little beginners last time. For all of you with more advanced needle and thread skills, here’s another one perfect for a long winter’s day, a fun cross stitch for kids.

These animals are cold outside and wouldn’t it be lovely to give them warm & cosy jumpers? Kids can design and cross stitch wooly jumpers for their animal friends.

How to make Cross Stitch Animal Jumpers

Print 2 sets of the templates. One set on plain paper for drawing your design, and one set on card stock for stitching.

Using your templates on the plain paper, fill in the crosses with colored pens to create fun jumpers. You can either fill in the whole area, or create shapes and patterns with blank areas for less stitching.

For the stitching cards printed on the heavy card stock, punch all the holes you need for your design in advance. We did it by placing the templates on some brown corrugated cardboard and pushing through a big needle. You’ll need to make the holes nice and big for your embroidery floss.

Embroidery floss is made of 6 threads and you can split and use 3 or 4 to make it thinner.

Now you can start stitching your design!
So will it be one of grandma’s vintage designs or a trendy plaid one?! How about numbers or letters? You can make them as simple or complicated as you like. Just remember these animals are fussy!

You’ll be threading through from front and back. Sometimes it’s not easy to find the right hole from the backside, but the challenge makes it more fun.

We didn’t worry much about what it looks like on the backside, so after all the stitching it was pretty messy with tapes over loose ends of the floss but you can’t tell from the front, shh…

Please show us your designs in the comments below or on our Facebook, we’d love to see them!


Animal jumpers cross stitch cards templates (2 pages)

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  • Maureen

    I love this! I have been looking for cross stitch activities for my Montessori classroom and this is perfect! Thank you

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    • mrprintables

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    This is just adorable! Thank you for sharing it!

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    Thank you! My son is loving these! :)

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    This is cute! Makes lovely bookmarks!

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    These are so perfect to include as a personal touch to a letter or card. I am also thinking of making them into bookmarks! Thank yo:)u very much. I don’t have a printer. I am going to try and copy them some how on my own.

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    FOR THOSE THAT CANT FIND WHERE THE DL LINK IS, JUST CLICK ON THE WORDS “animal jumpers cross stitch cards templates (2 pages)” right underneath the big YELLOW HIGHLIGHTED “DOWNLOAD” hope it helps… =)

  • Marlene L. McCormack

    You can also purchase perforated paper to skip the punching part. I had to order mine online from Herrschners Needlecrafts.