Doodle on the moon

Doodle On The Moon!


Product Description

Doodle On The Moon!

Fun, simple (and low-ink) printable activity to spark kids imagination to…. a full moon glow!

printable activity drawing on the moon

Do you look at the moon in the night sky with kids and talk about what imaginary creatures might live there or whether houses and roads are built on the moon?
Simply print the templates, put them together to create a giant moon as a drawing pad on the wall. Then let your imagination run wild! It will look great and kids will love drawing people, villages and adventures on the moon. This also makes a fantastic space themed party centerpiece and activity!

There’s a very big size to print for the full effect, medium size and a one page version for small doodlings.

Large Moon (12 pages, 22 Mb) LTR | A4
Medium Moon (6 pages, 11 Mb ) LTR | A4
Small Moon (1 page, 2.5 Mb) LTR | A4Our free printable files are for personal use only.
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printable activity drawing on the moon

For extra fun you can make simple space rocket crayons like we did – just cut some colored papers and glue to the crayon/wrapper to make fins and decals as you like. Now it’s time to count down to blast off!

crayon rocket