Printable Mazes

Free Printable Mazes

Welcome to our free printable mazes page. Maze addiction starts early! But it’s a healthy one for the brain!

Here are some easy mazes, which are mildly challenging for the young ones. Each one has a little story around it and illustrations. They ask the kids to solve a simple task through helping somebody in a scenario, to make it engaging and rewarding.

They are good for building problem solving skills at an early age. But also just hours of fun with paper and a pencil which we think is much healthier than playing computer games!

Easy Level Mazes

printable mazes easy Rainbow Maze – Easy
Follow the rainbow to find the pot of gold!
Rainbow Maze
printable mazes easy Flower Maze – Easy
Help the bee find the nectar!
Flower Maze
printable mazes easy Leaf Maze – Easy
A ladybird wants to visit a friend. Let’s help her find her way across the leaf!
Leaf Maze
printable mazes easy Apple Maze – Easy
Help the worm to find it’s way out of apple.
Apple Maze
printable halloween mazeBoo!
Easy Halloween maze for the little ones NEW
Skull Maze

Mid Level Mazes

free printable maze octopus Octopus Maze
Escape from the 8 arms of the giant octopus!
Octopus Maze
free printable maze fishFishy Tail Maze
Find your way through the scaly fish.
Fishy Tail Maze
printable mazes Bunny Maze
Help the bunny find a carrot. This is a bit more challenging with paths overlapping and multiple exits.
Bunny Maze
printable mazes Clock Maze
Find your way around the Clock!
Clock Maze
printable Halloween mazeEscape the Spider Web!
This one is quite tricky so challenge yourself!
Spider Maze

Valentine Mazes

printable mazes easy Follow Your Heart
Find someone you love!
Heart maze
printable mazes easy Love Letters
Follow the letters L.O.V.E
Love word maze – pink confetti NEW
printable mazes easy Love Letters
Same maze, different color version
Love word maze – color confetti NEW

Go to our printable word search page for Valentine’s word search.

More free printable mazes for kids with different levels of difficulty will be here later. Thanks for visiting!