Ghost Boxes for Halloween Treats

Geometric Ghost Boxes for Halloween Treats
(with DIY Wax Papers)

Ghost Boxes for Halloween Treats - with DIY Wax Papers

Drifting silently around a haunted house are these simple and cute DIY Halloween treat boxes using popular geometic shape templates. These little hungry ghosts have swallowed your Halloween treats but you can probably see what they’ve eaten…! They are made with translucent wax papers you can make easily from normal printed papers.

Ghost Boxes for Halloween Treats - with DIY Wax Papers

Ghost Boxes for Halloween Treats - with DIY Wax Papers

Ghost Boxes for Halloween Treats - with DIY Wax Papers

The top and bottom pyramids of this isocahedron shape are simply folded and closed up using thread. It’s more like an origami box (with a little cheating of a few tabs). You can open and close the box repeatedly and it can also stand up on its ghostly ‘legs’. A quick project for Halloween treats.

While making these it soon became obvious that these ghosts needed to be translucent because that’s how ‘real ghosts’ are, right? Making them translucent was also quick and easy! I’ll explain how.

How to make wax paper and translucent ghost boxes

How to make wax paper for translucent ghost boxes

First print your template onto any paper, white or colored. Place it on a large sheet of grease-proof/baking paper and sprinkle little chips of wax all over.

(FYI, much tracing paper and baking paper is made by dipping into sulfuric acid and that’s NOT what we’re going to do at home!)

I had a bag of soy wax flakes I bought for making candles last Christmas (It was a bit underwhelming. They didn’t smell much despite tons of essential oils I poured in…) So I won’t buy again but I had a whole unused bag, a perfect excuse to use some up! You can grab a plain white candle and shave some bits off for this. You don’t need much. If you’re thinking of buying some wax, check where & how the soy beans are grown as some are not environmentally friendly. I heard palm wax is also actually a good eco option.

Place another sheet of grease proof paper on top and iron all over it on a low setting. Be careful not to put too much wax, I had wax leaking out all around the edge. I also had to thoroughly wipe off the excess from the finished paper with kitchen towel. So start with a small amount, add as you go and protect the work surface with enough grease-proof paper!

Ghost Boxes for Halloween Treats - with DIY Wax Papers

When the wax is dry, cut the template, score and fold all the lines. Fix the tabs to the other end with double-sided tape. Glue sticks won’t work so well on waxed paper.

Ghost Boxes for Halloween Treats - with DIY Wax Papers

Thread a string through the top as in the photo. Pull to close it and tie up, leave it long if you’re thinking of hanging these up.

Fill in the ghost box with a couple of treats and use some colorful pompoms together to stuff it fully so the colors show through.

Thread and tie the bottom end to close up. Tie with a ribbon knot so it’s easy to pull the thread to open it.

Ghost Boxes for Halloween Treats - with DIY Wax Papers

We don’t want kids to be too intoxicated with sugar overload at Halloween but don’t want to disappoint them either by being too stingy with the treats. You can put one or two candies in this treat box and stuff the rest with pretty pompoms. Children will end up getting less sweets but without any disappointment! At least that’s my evil plan for using these.

Ghost Boxes for Halloween Treats - with DIY Wax Papers

Ghost Boxes for Halloween Treats - with DIY Wax Papers

After taking out your treats, your friendly ghosts can stand up. You can decorate your Halloween table with them or have them as your desk pals.

Ghost Boxes for Halloween Treats - with DIY Wax Papers

Hang them up as a mobile or garland for your Halloween party!

Change their colors by putting different things inside. Lightweight pompoms don’t fall out even when the bottom is open like the picture below.

Ghost Boxes for Halloween Treats - with DIY Wax Papers

Ghost Boxes for Halloween Treats - with DIY Wax Papers

You can also attach the empty ones to the end of torches, maybe place on a long stick taped to the torch. Carry them around at night instead of a plain torch – they will look super spooky like these.

Paper ghosts with LED torchpaper ghost with LED torch

We placed one small pompom inside the ghost and the torch light reflects off it, making the whole ghost glow in color. Cool!

Hope you try & have loads of fun!


Ghost Box Templtes for Halloween Treats

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  • Faiblessed

    Love the translucent wax paper method! So smart!

    • mrprintables

      Thanks Leyla : )

  • Dana Katrice Hizer

    Well, I have just stumbled across this site with my daughter and let me just say, We will not be going to any other site for our projects! Very grateful! Thank you so much.

    • mrprintables

      Thanks for kinds words Dana. We’ll keep up with the fun so come by often! : )

  • Dana Katrice Hizer

    Do we remove the wax paper after we cut it out? It keeps falling off as I’m folding it and can’t get the tabs to stay tapped! HELP!

    • mrprintables

      What kind of glue or tape are you using? I used double sided tape and I had to press down quite firmly, they stayed on fine afterwards. You could scratch off some wax from the tab to help it, or as a final resort stitch them up. ^ ^

  • Jawool

    We discovered these today (Pinterest) and promptly made these today. So cute and fun! Thank you! My kids are 41/2, 8 and 11. The older ones made them with me and the youngest loves to play with them.
    Instead of wax, we oiled our paper – same translucent effect but more kid friendly process. We discovered oiling paper for a project creating translucent glowing paper folded lanterns a few years ago. I also think vellum would make great cute ghosties. We’re going to try it.

    • mrprintables

      Great : D Brushing with oil is perfect for the little ones to make together, thanks for sharing!


    Me encantan. Voy a colgar unos cuantos fantasmitos de esos en las ventanas.<3

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    como se monta la figura???

  • Idalie Rabelo

    ADorables!!! Ideales para mi Índigo !

  • Neyha Ajmal

    Is their any substitute for the greaseproof/baking paper because I do not have nay and I am really interested in doing this project today and I have all the other materials.

    • mrprintables

      The greaseproof is just used to protect the work surface and iron heat, so you could try some sheets of paper placed on something like a tea towel or other that stops the wax from reaching your work surface. Hope this helps.

      • Neyha Ajmal

        Thank you, I am thinking of buying some anyway.

  • Antonella

    palm wax and pslm oil are NOT eco!! to plant palms they destroy fluvial forest where tigers orangutans rhinos live!! boycott palm oil/wax and brands that use it!!!!!!! protect our Earth!!

    • mrprintables

      The reason why I mentioned palm oil is because when I researched eco options (soy wax is equally terrible in many cases) I found this site offering info on sustainable palm products:
      There are Certified Sustainable Palm Oil that we can choose instead. Hope this is interesting info! : ) Thanks

  • MissMonster

    It’d be nice if this actually showed you how to fold this. Having issues getting the shape right. Also, while printing your lines are not longer appearing.

  • Kaitlin Shelton

    I was wondering if greaseproof paper was the same as wax paper? I have normal wax paper and want to do this for a math project!

  • Zainab

    U really need to do a vidoe on how to make this I can’t do the construction bit part thingy especially the bottom part!

  • Neus

    Can we use a normal white paper and put inside pieces of colored paper??

  • LordAlphie

    I’d really like to try these out! Unfortunately, the pictures in the article are not loading at all (actually, the only one appearing is the very last one). Is there any way to fix this issue?