Number Coloring Pages

Number Coloring Pages

Learning to count numbers? Coloring the numbers is one fun way to do it. Our free number coloring pages have engaging pictures for each number that children can count and color at the same time.


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  • Alexandria Corrine Aguirre

    My laptop top is currently sitting on top of my printer as these print! Absolutely awesome and I really enjoy your printables! Such amazing and fun learning tools! THANK YOU

    • shshriar

      love u

  • Christina Wilson

    I do home daycare and have 3-4yr olds. Love these Printables for my kids worksheets. Thank you.

  • farshideh

    it is beautiful and so usefull. thank you.

  • Selly Meliana

    Thank you, very usefull :)

  • jennifer thomson

    thank yoiu very much, it was a great hel[p

  • Theresa Swayne

    Need for the number coloring pages to go up to the number 20

    • Beve

      I agree

    • mommabug

      i would love them if they went up to 20 :)

  • Nancy

    WOW!! I love this site – am so glad I found it! Everything is so beautiful – my kids are going to love it! If you are looking for cool free colouring pages – check out this site as well – – hope that helps!

  • Meridenise López

    Could you by any chance add the number words in spanish? That would be great!!!!

    • mrprintables

      We’re working on it! ^ ^

      • Meridenise López

        Awesome!! Thanks!!!

  • Beve

    love this helps me out a lot

  • Lindsay Naporano

    How do you download? I tried the button on the right “Regular Download” and it downloaded VLC media player, but no coloring pages….

    • K Chastain

      if you click on the pink highlighted “number9” it will open a new page so you can print

      • Lindsay Naporano

        Thanks! I wasn’t sure if there was a way to download all of them at once.

  • Carmelita Spatts

    Beautiful as always! <3 Thank you :)

  • Sarah

    It would be super awesome to have these in spanish too!!

  • sugarkisses

    These are great in assisting kids in learning their numbers.

  • Felicia

    I believe the link to download the 1-10 in English is bugged. I click on it and it takes me to color flash cards?

  • Katie H

    Fantastic printables – thank you so much! FYI, I think you have the wrong like for your English 1 – 10 collection. It brings up colors, not numbers. And I, too, would be interested in a Spanish version – thanks!

  • Rajalakshmi Mrv

    Thanks a ton….have been searching this one desperately and was planning to draw it for my child however stumbled upon this! Would have loved more if the numbers went upto 20 since my child had a holiday homework to do. But no regrets! Thanks again!

  • Taylor

    Is there another place to download them at? When I click on the link for English 1-10 it brings up color flash cards. :)

    • analiese

      If you click on the ‘Number ?’ underneath each picture it will take you to the pdf file. :)

  • Magda Christina

    The English Number 1-10 download is not the correct file. It opens up to Color flashCards… anyway to fix this please? BTW I love the site … thank you! I plan on homeschooling my 1 1/2 year old and this helps tremendously.

    • Wren La Pirata

      If you click the links underneath each of the English pictures it will take you to a download or print page. I wish they would fix the link to download them all, but until then you can do it one at a time.

      • mrprintables

        @magdachristina:disqus @wrenlapirata:disqus The link is now fixed! Thanks for pointing it out. ^ ^