Number Flash Cards 11 – 20

Number Flash Cards 11 to 20

number flash cards

Have you mastered the number flash cards 1 to 10 already? These little ladybirds continue to help you learn numbers and counting all the way to 20. Now there are so many of them it’s more challenging to count. See what they are all up to and count if they are all there for the right numbers.

This design has a leaf wallet to keep all 10 cards and it will make a nice set together with your other ladybird cards wallet.

For more number learning activities, also try fun number lines. : )

Numbers 11 to 20 Flash Cards

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Try printing them on card stock papers as they feel nicer to handle and survive longer through repeated use. Laminating them is the best option for durability and group use. Or mount them on a cardboard first and cut – a bit of work, but well worth it.

Print them as many times as you want – print them more if they are worn out or you want to decorate your girl’s or boy’s room with them, or you think it will make a nice present for someone.

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