Optical Illusion Lunch Box Notes

Optical Illusion Lunch Box Notes

optical illusion printable lunch box notes

Optical illusion printable lunch box notes | Mr Printables

While thinking about different lunch box note ideas, I remembered a little pack of cards with illustrations of well-known optical illusion drawings I had a long time ago. Perfect! Entertaining quick brain teaser with cool graphics that will get kids talking and thinking – I would’ve loved those little optical illusion cards as lunch notes as a kid.


I don’t have my pack of cards any more so I collected a few classic optical illusions for kids online and redrew them. I also tried to draw some peripheral drift patterns I saw and this one below came out pretty well.


Isn’t it fun? So be the coolest mom with these neat cards. Everyone gets impressed and entertained by optical illusions. Even those classic ones like ‘which dot is bigger?’ I still find them fascinating and mind-boggling even after seeing them so many times.



They have wings to fold back and have answers written on one side. You can write your note on the back and fold up to hide the answer like in the photo below.


Set 1 has questions like ‘which line is longer?’, ‘which dot is bigger?’ with simple graphics. Once kids find out the unexpected answers, they can measure the sizes or distances to confirm it. For the shades of grey question, you can cover up the surrounding area to see how they fool your eyes.


Set 2 has distorted and moving dots and patterns illusions. Print these on the finest quality paper and color setting for best effect.


Peripheral drift are the patterns that appear to move, though they may not work for some. I heard they may become less effective as you age, so it should work well for the kids! (but don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work for you – the reason varies! Maybe your brain is less likely to be fooled by a vision trick ^ ^ )  Look from different angles and move your eyes around if it doesn’t work at first. My drawings are small examples of this effect suitable for a lunch note size but if you want to see more spectacular examples, check out these. Another one of my favorite illusions is this checker shadow illusion.


I didn’t mean to make the wrapping papers, but after drawing some patterns I wanted to make some cookie wraps or treat bags covered in optical illusion to create a whole lunch box full of visual entertainment. So I’ve included a couple of designs you can print on a whole sheet as well. Later I’m going to make some wrapping papers covered in the cool peripheral drift motion effect!


optical illusion lunch box notes – Set 1 (3 pages)

optical illusion lunch box notes – Set 2 (1 page)

optical illusion wrapping papers (2 pages)

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optical illusion lunch box notes

optical illusion note cards

Hope these printable lunch box notes make for fun lunchtimes and a little curiosity into how vision and brain work.



  • Sara

    Hi there! I’ve been a reader of your blog for quite some time and I adore your printables…these ones truly take the cake!!!!! I adore them – I hope someone will put one in my big kid lunch some time! :) Just wanted to stop in and say hello and how much I enjoy your work. :)

    • mrprintables

      Thanks for saying hello – happy to hear from you! : )

  • Megan

    These are totally awesome!!! Thanks for sharing and upping my cool mom factor!!! :)

  • Sarah Denton

    I love these I am going to print some sets out to put in my kids lunches.

  • Ana Marín Mendoza

    This is so clever, so smart! You are excellent!

    • mrprintables

      Thanks Ana. They are classic optical illusions, hope you enjoy them! ^ ^

      • Ana Marín Mendoza

        I meant the idea of having these optical illusions as lunch box notes for the kids… thanks for that!!

        • mrprintables

          Aw, I wasn’t sure what you meant. Embarrassed… Thanks! ^ ^

  • Corinne

    Just found you via Cool Mom Tech – thank you for these geeky cool cards! I developed a love for optical illusions like this while taking a perception course in college. As in, I would draw them in notes for my boyfriend (now husband)!

  • Beth Dotson

    making activity bags for my son’s wedding reception and these will be perfect for the tween boys, thank you so much