Paper Ice Creams

Paper Ice Creams!

Paper Ice Cream Templates - Mr Printable

Never listen to anyone who says it’s not the right weather for ice cream. And never say no to ice creams, even if they are made of paper. Hope you enjoy these paper ice cream templates and keep your spirit forever summer with us! They are also free ice creams and lollies that never melt.

Paper Ice Cream Templates - Mr Printables

So why do you need paper ice creams? There are many cool reasons! They make great play food to start with. Open an ice cream parlour for pretend play (have you opened your fruit stall yet?), decorate your ice cream party with them, or just have a fun filled paper craft afternoon recalling the memory of beautiful summer days. Make one as a present for somebody who loves ice cream (most people you know) when you can’t wrap up the ones that melt.

There are too many yummy looking ones to choose from, which is just the dilemma when in an ice cream shop. You could be ambitious and make all of them (if you have a whole day or if a whole family or friends join in to make one each!) or just choose one or few as a fun treat for the day! Which one would you like today?

Paper Ice Cream Templates - Mr Printable

Ice cream scoops come in many fabulous flavors and choosing which to have is one of life’s challenges. Where children learn the inconvenient truth of life that you just can’t ‘have it all’ Whaaaaah! (and sometimes how to get what you want, that third scoop). On our stall we have irresistible mint choc chip, dark chocolate sprinkle, raspberry ripple, blueberry and maybe the pink one is strawberry cream. Or maybe you’d like our vanilla soft serve with rainbow sprinkles.

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If you liked our free ice cream templates we’re sure you’ll love our ready to make kits which include all of the flavors! We’ve enhanced the design detail, added an extra scoop and ice cream stand for the Ice Creams set, a new lolly and wooden sticks for the Ice Lollies set.
Printed in bright colors on premium heavyweight paper and come pre-cut & pre-scored.
Check them out over at our design store Moon Picnic!

Paper Ice Cream Templates - Mr Printable

You can make a single cone or stack up different flavors on top of each other. Each cone has one side wider than the other side (we liked them a little irregular like that, the scoops looked more like they were pressed together) so you may want to check the right side when you stack them on top of one another.

Paper Ice Cream Templates - Mr Printable

They are perfect for playing pretend ice cream stall or as we like to call ours an Italian gelateria! Only with the finest ingredients! No artificial colors or flavors here!

Paper Ice Cream Templates - Mr Printable

Maybe you can apply light velcro or post-it glued to each end of the scoop for kids to stack them up for their customers. We could play with these for ages! If you’ll be handling them a lot, print them on heavy cardstock so they last longer.

And there are also all of your favorite classic ice lollies to choose from. These ones have the bright colorings and flavorings to zap you and make your hands and lips sticky! : ) But how can we resist them!

Paper Ice Cream Templates - Mr Printable

Paper Ice Creams - templates on Mr Printables

You’ll need some lolly sticks (available commonly from craft stores) to make these paper ice lollies. There is a clever secret inside to fix the stick in place when finished. Follow the short instructions below. If you don’t do this, the stick will wobble and not stay straight as you handle your lolly.

Paper Ice Cream Templates - Mr Printable

Each lolly template includes this little T shape as you see above. Apply glue to the two square areas in the middle, place your stick as in the photo and fold over to fix the stick.

Fold the dotted lines and apply glue to the side tabs. Before you close the back side of your lollies, insert the end of the stick through the bottom slit (you need to cut this first as marked in the templates). Decide on the length of your stick and glue the side tabs to the inside wall of the lolly as in the photo above. The stick should be held suspended mid height in a fixed position, sticking straight out so it won’t wobble.

Paper Ice Cream Templates - Mr Printable

Well look there’s an ice cream sandwich – combining two great inventions.

Paper Ice Cream Templates - Mr Printable

Go on have them all! Enjoy all the flavors and in all weather! However tempting just don’t lick them…

Check out other play food ideas on Mr P, we’ll be adding more! Try our ice cream color matching file folder game for more ice cream fun and other fun summer paper crafts.

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