Paper Island by Crowded Teeth

Paper Island by Crowded Teeth

Paper Island by Crowded Teeth for Mr Printables

We’re so excited to present the wonderful Crowded Teeth!

Paper Island by Crowded Teeth for Mr Printables

Fabulous illustrator Michelle Romo is the creator of Crowded Teeth (you can read more about it on our blog here too) and she’s created this amazing printable template especially for our Mr P readers. You lucky people!

These ultra cute paper island boxes are a real treat, oh where to start…! They look so fun simply as room decoration, a paper diorama of a little island (or a group of islands – there’re 6!) with its landscape and add-on inhabitants. A small piece of Michelle’s art you can make yourself and proudly display and admire.

Paper Island by Crowded Teeth for Mr Printables

I love that the top of the island is lush green land and the side of the island depicts the cut through side of the underground scene. It’s a most unusual version of these kind of cake boxes, where you can have a slice of the Earth instead of a cake. Or shall we call it a mud cake? ^ _ ^

The 6 small islands can come together to form one large island or float away individually from the others. It makes a great paper toy with potential for lots of adventure stories happening amidst a vast ocean of imagination : )

Paper Island by Crowded Teeth for Mr Printables

You can also store small things & the little add-on creatures inside (or underground! as it were), they are clever little boxes.

Paper Island by Crowded Teeth for Mr Printables

These will make great party favor boxes – you can make a center piece that will impress everyone and just imagine telling the little guests they can take their very own slice of the island with hidden treats inside! Maybe perfect as a little surprise for this summer’s ocean themed parties?

Paper Island by Crowded Teeth for Mr Printables

I can imagine playing with this for hours, slices of islands carrying creatures and floating around make such a fun and imaginative background for play time.

Now I only wish I could live on an island like this for the whole summer…!


Paper Island templates (8 pages)

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Tip: Print page 8 on the backside of the island templates to make the inside of the boxes looking great. They are best printed on card stock.

Big thanks again to Crowded Teeth for this amazing template for our readers. All of Michelle’s works are bursting with these delightful adventures. Check out Crowded Teeth as there are lots of dazzling illustration works, news of her exhibitions, very cute stationery & accessories to cheer you up! You can also catch her on her instagram too, it’s fun over there!

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    SO EXCITED to do this latest project with my three little ones – I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate these FREE projects! They keep a modern, creative and intelligent mom VERY sane when coming up with ways to do fun projects with the kids. You rock!

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