People Coloring Pages

People Coloring Pages

Busy busy people, working hard, but what are they all doing? Someone’s cleaning there, another working at the computer in the office, there’s some messy baking going on and look wow flying high in a helicopter! We think these people coloring pages are fun and of course some may actually be relevant to your careers… others perhaps not! We need to add many more to be representative and we will, please check back soon and see the latest coloring pages with busy busy people.
Now get back to work!

people coloring pages
Cleaning Coloring Page
Let’s suck up all the dust with the vacuum.
people coloring pages farmer
Farmer Coloring Page
It’s a beautiful day and the farmer is digging up his fresh carrots just for you.
people coloring page
Helicopter Coloring page
Hovering high above the houses and hills in a helicopter! Where will you fly?
people coloring pages office
Office Coloring page
9:05am and working hard in the office… or is he?
people coloring page baking
Baking Coloring page
Let’s mix those ingredients in the bowl. Maybe some delicious blueberry muffins!
people coloring page
Bath Time Coloring page
Splish splash in the bath, scrub scrub, rinse. Where’s my towel?!
fire man coloring page
Fire Fighter Coloring page
Oh no there’s a fire in the house! Look at all the smoke! Don’t worry a fire fighter has arrived and that fire will soon be out!
  • Jenny

    Your designs and printables are beautiful, but I think the jobs you portray are too gendered. The only two women that appear are cleaning and cooking…

    • mrprintables

      Hi Jenny, thanks for the kind words and feedback! I totally agree! These are a few of my earliest pages on the site and I meant to have many more jobs and activities originally but somehow it didn’t happen because I moved on to other pages. I’d like to think some drawings don’t suggest male or female obviously or intend to,like the girl flying the helicopter and the firefighter in her uniform! 😉 But yes, I realise your point & hope to add many more activities so it doesn’t look like that.

    • shshriar

      hi jenni

  • Mollie Kay

    These are super cute, but when I open the PDF, it’s blank. It’s just in your people section; the others work fine.

    • Izyan Darlina

      I thought my pc or internet connection was down. i opened a blank pdf too. sigh. these would make lovely colouring pages for my soon-to-be 4year old.