Printable Alphabet Book

Make your own Alphabet Activity Book

printable alphabet book

Making your own activity book is great fun and super simple with this lovely printable alphabet book.
Our alphabet play cards are very popular with kids so we thought about making these little note books in a similar ‘A is for…’ style. Children can fill in the blank with any subject or name they can think of.
Choose a letter, then decide what you can do with your own alphabet book. It can be so many things!

printable alphabet book

You can put a name that starts with the letter then fill up the book with drawings, facts or photos of that person. Or you can come up with a subject, maybe a daytrip, that starts with the letter and make your own book about it. Use it as a scrapbook or a drawing book!

printable alphabet book

Step 1: Download the cover

Choose a letter for the theme of your activity.
We recommend that you print the cover on a thicker paper.

Step 2: Download the page design

Choose the page you want to use from the options below.
Print them on normal papers or recycled papers. You may want to print on both sides of the paper. If you do this, check the page loading direction carefully.
You can also use blank papers without printing or make your own pages.

A4 | Letter

A4 | Letter

Step 3:

Binding a simple notebook is very easy. You can staple them together, but try this for a prettier hand-made look:

1. Fold all your pages in half with your cover on the outside.
Open the pages and make 2 holes on the inside fold line with a sharp object. (parents only!)

2. Put a string through the holes and tie on the outside. Done!

(Optionally, you can make 4 holes and tie 2 strings to make the notebook stronger.)

printable alphabet book


More ideas:

Make your own pages with colored papers or recycled materials.
Keep inventing fun themes for each printable alphabet book and please tell us about them!

  • Beautiful and very useful! Thank you for sharing

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    Wonderful thanks for the idea

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    Nice one

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    I love it

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    Wow gorgeous templates! Already printed all to have ready for the beginning of the year! Thank you :o)

  • Alaina

    Love these! Are there any for learning numbers?

  • Mandy

    may i know what kind of printer you are using?