Printable Color Wheel

Printable Color Wheel

Use our printable color wheel for lots of colorful activities for little artists. Various color wheels show primary colors, secondary colors and tertiary colors.
Our primary color wheel uses red, yellow and blue – the basic colors to start with and more familiar for kids than magenta, cyan and yellow. It is also more suitable and widely used as reference hues for art activities. We’ll update with alternative color wheels later.

printable color wheel activity

You can use these color wheels as wall posters to make a kids room more colorful. While they enjoy the look of it, they can learn the basic colors and the relationship between colors as well as color names. Use together with our color flash cards for learning and making your room more colorful.

Color in the blank ones or mix your pigments and experiment!
For preschoolers, you need to use safe food dye and non-toxic pigments for color mixing activities.

Primary Colors

Primary + Secondary Colors

Primary + Secondary + Tertiary Colors

What happens when you mix colors?

primary colors color mix chart
Primary Colors Mix Chart

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  • Annie

    Many thanks to this site 😉 Delivered a great art lesson with my students this afternoon. Thanks again :)

  • susie franco

    Thank you very much:) my students will enjoy painting, and also they will get the idea of what a color wheel is:)

  • Betsy Swan

    I love these! I would like to make some other pages to complement them for my students. Would you be willing to tell me what font you used? Thanks! :)

  • Tatiana

    Thanks a lot!

  • natasha gunawan

    really helpfull for me as a newbie art teacher!! GBU

  • Donna Shoots

    Can I use this image for my website? I’m doing a blog post on what to wear to a family photo shoot. I think the color wheel would be helpful to illustrate complementary colors.

  • tree D

    We love these in our preschool classrooms. Just realized that the primary color wheel image says “ye?ow” instead of yellow! Just fyi!

  • Leah Mastilock

    Just what I was looking for. Thanks so much!

  • AL or Bert Einstein

    A square chart helps a child’s mind more than this confusing circle. . It allows their brain to accept and learn. a circle is more complex and a child’s mind will reject making it more challenging to learn… once the child has the square chart learned and has it learned for a little while introduce the circle and you will be amazed how wonderful the mind truly is……… simple to complex equals genius … start with complex and it will equal under developed mind and struggling learning issues

    • MandyTambeau

      What the fuck are you going on about?

      Both of my kids took to the color wheel like fish to water. And the youngest was TWO at the time.

      A child can learn all sorts of amazing things if you don’t try to limit them with your bullshit way of thinking.
      Hell, my 4yr old does multiplications and reads in french and english. Why? Because I allowed him to explore things and never tried to baby his way of thinking.

      Kids are intelligent. Don’t drown them in psychological bullshit.

      You bring shame to Einstein’s name.

      • Hop Jump

        Make your point but please remember this is a place for children too. Please mind your language.