What Time Is It? File Folder Game

What time is it? File Folder Game

telling time file folder game

A paper clock with moving hands you can turn is a classic! We had to add one of these to our printable file folder games. We’ve added a digital clock and a note pad for telling time in numbers and words as well, so children can try and learn all the different ways of reading and telling the time. A series of questions that relates to their life, asking certain times of daily routines or the time for a special event will help personalize the activity for them.

With clocks and watches all around us (and never enough time in the day!), children will just love being able to tell the time themselves. Tick, tock, tick, tock…….

What time is it? File Folder Game


What Time Is It? File Folder Game – A4
What Time Is It? File Folder Game – LTR

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How to play

Start by choosing your question or making your own, asking ‘What time is….?’. Children can move the clock hands, find the right numbers for the digital clock or the words for the note pad.


How to read & tell time, numbers

You will need

papers, file folder, scissors, glue, craft knife (to cut the small holes)
Optional: removable labels such as Post-it (see our tip below)

How to make this file folder game

1. Print out the template. Cut out all the parts for the clock hands and make holes in the clock body and the 2 clock hands.
2. Cut and fold the pivot as in the photo.
3. Put the pivot through the hole in the clock body from the back as in the photo. You need to wiggle it a bit so it goes through the hole.
4. Put the two clock hands through the pivot. The short hour hand first, then the long minute one.
5. Carefully put glue on the top of the pivot (where it’s marked with arrows) and stick the red pivot cover. Make sure the glue doesn’t get on to the clock hands.
6. Check if the clock hands move freely. Done! Cut the rest of the numbers and words to play.


Optionally, for the numbers, the Sun & the Moon, words … etc, use the sticky part of Post-it (or any removable label) and glue the non-sticky side to the back of each cut out piece. Children can then stick and re-position the pieces over and over again.

If you enjoyed these printable file folder games, please check back later – we’ll update new ones soon!