Autumn Leaves Memory Game

Autumn Leaves Printable Memory Game

printable memory game

This autumnal printable memory game uses12 different lovely autumn leaves we picked on a walk. It’s a cute brain teasing activity to do on a chilly autumn day. Children will have to pay attention to all the different colors and shapes of the pretty autumn leaves. If you’ve been out collecting leaves, this is a great indoor game to combine with your other autumn leaf activities.


Autumn Leaves Memory Game

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printable memory game

You will need

Papers (We recommend heavy weight, double-sided paper )
A good brain

How to make and play

1. Print the pages for the front (page 1 -2) twice so you can have 2 of each card.

2. If you like, print the patterns (page 3) on the back before you cut them out. If your paper is not double-sided or thick enough, you can print the back design on seperate sheets of paper and glue to the back of each card.
It’s designed to look like a pile of autumn leaves, but if you want to use a different design on the back, use your own paper or fabric or browse our scrapbook papers to use instead. Laminate the cards if you like.

3. You can use fewer cards for the small ones and use all 24 cards with 12 styles for a more challenging game.

For more help with how to play, see our main printable memory games page.

More Ideas

You can scan the leaves you’ve collected and make your own autumn leaves collection to create a similar game.

Or collect a pair of leaves from differnt trees, dry them well between books, paste them on to pieces of cut cardboard to make a set of memory game cards with real leaves!

How about making an ‘L is for Leaves’ book using our alphabet activity book?

  • James Fish

    Hi, I was wondering if you could provide a list of all the names of the leaves. Thanks!

  • June Marsh

    Wow, this is going to to be perfect for the kids when we do our author study of Lois Elhert next fall (focusing on Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf).

    Thank you so much for all of your gorgeous free printables and for allowing classroom use! Navigating educational fair use copyrights can be tricky, so it is always wonderful when a creator allows classroom use – I can’t wait to tell the teachers at my school about your site!

    • June Marsh

      I just wanted to update and let you know I did use this with the kindergarten students and they loved it! This was one of the most popular stations during the Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf study.

      As others have commented, the only thing that could make this even better would be a list of the types of leaves (then I could use it with older students too). However, we also did a leaf study, so a few students were able to identify some of the leaves from that. Thanks again for making this great game and allowing free use!