Bat Halloween Party Favor Bags

Halloween Party Favor Bats

Halloween party favor bat

Following your great support for our printable party favors, we just had to make one for Halloween! So please welcome…

These cute Halloween party favor ‘bats’ are easy to make. They are not just useful as a treat bag for your guests, but perfect for decorating your party too.

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You can make one ‘normal’ size bag from one A4 or Letter paper, or two mini bags from a single sheet. We like putting small sweets inside and then attaching them upside down in places children can reach from a tip toe.
If you have your Halloween party outside, you can hang them on trees too. Children can either take the whole bag, or just open it while it’s hanging upside down and the sweets (or something for a ‘Boo!’ effect) will fall into their hands!

Tip: Place a small piece of double-sided tape under the bats face to secure the ‘lid’, especially when you hang them upside down.

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Halloween Party Favor ‘Bat’ – LTR | A4
Halloween Favor ‘Bat’ Mini Size
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halloween favor bag on tree

To make the favor bag, please see our Frog Favor Bag page for the instructions.They use the same pattern.