Surprise Rainbow Party Invitation

Surprise Rainbow Party Invitation

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Put a rainbow in an envelope and send it to your friends!
This surprise rainbow printable party invitation is a super exciting way to start your rainbow themed party. It’s easy to assemble from only 2 sheets of paper, including an envelope.

A rainbow party is probably one of the most popular, cheerful and timeless party themes. Make yours different with this party invite that needs a little more attention and work (very little), but can make your invite a special delight to receive.

How to make this rainbow party invite:


Surprise Rainbow Party Invitation

1. Print out the template for the rainbow and cloud envelope and score all the dotted lines. Glue the 2 parts of the rainbow together. Write down your details – when, where and rsvp details for your party on the rainbow.
Use normal weight inkjet paper for vibrant colors. Heavy weight paper is not ideal for this.

Surprise Rainbow Party Invitation

2. Fold the rainbow into an accordian, starting with a valley fold at the left end, this end starts inside the envelope.

Surprise Rainbow Party Invitation

3. Glue the first section of the rainbow to the inside of the envelope. Align it just below the fold line of the envelope as in the photo.

Surprise Rainbow Party Invitation

4. Now glue the sides of the envelope. The folded up rainbow should sit nicely inside the envelope with the end with the cloud sticking out.

Surprise Rainbow Party Invitation

5. Close the envelope (together with the cloud part at the end of the rainbow).

Surprise Rainbow Party Invitation

6. Secure with a sticker on the outside.

Send a surprise rainbow to friends!

Surprise Rainbow Party Invitation

Surprise Rainbow Party Invitation

Surprise Rainbow Party Invitation

Surprise Rainbow Party Invitation


Rainbow Party Invitation template
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  • Guest

    My oldest is crazy about rainbows next year this invitation sounds like a pretty good idea to me! thank you

  • Carol Magalhães

    what is the best paper to print these on?

    • mrprintables

      Hi Carol, it’s best to print on thin photo-quality inkjet paper on the finest setting for the colors, and not on heavy card stock.

  • alieviolet

    Love the design–I made 15 of these for my daughter’s rainbow-themed second birthday. Everyone loved them! My only complaint is that the envelopes, when cut and folded according to your template, are too small. That’s right, I took them to the post office and was told that they don’t meet the minimum size requirement for mail. I had to take them home and put each into another (larger) envelope, re-address all of them, and mail those out. Thank goodness I hadn’t stamped the cloud envelopes! The post office even gave me a plastic board with all the mailpiece requirements on it to take home. Just thought you might want to look into this for future invitation designs.

    • mrprintables

      Oh dear, sorry that it caused such trouble! But thanks for your kind words – glad people liked them. ^ ^ I like cute mini envelopes but didn’t know this one didn’t meet the minimum size requirement if anyone wants to mail them. I’ll check and update the envelope template size. Thanks for letting me know!

  • cyazwany

    Hi.. can I edit the template?

    • mrprintables

      Sorry you can’t at the moment. There might be some options in the future, I’m looking into it!

  • Heidi Griffin

    I’m just in the process of sending out these invitations for my son’s 2nd birthday party. Everyone who has seen these invitations so far absolutely loves them! Thank you so much for the template.

  • Guest

    Hello 😉
    Gorgeous invite for daughter’s 7th birthday.
    Please let me know where the template for the envelope is?


      Sorry I noticed your comment just now. The envelope is on page 2 of the same file ^ ^ Hope you found it already!

  • Cate

    Thanks for making these invitations available: they look amazing.

    I tried to open the file in PhotoShop so that I could enter the specific details of the party before I printed the invitations (to save me writing it 15 times!) and it asked for a password. What’s the password please?

    Thanks in advance,

    • mrprintables

      Hi Cate, please read our terms for download and usage. The files are password protected and not to be edited so we have some protection of our copyrighted design files, while providing them for free for personal use. Thanks! ^ ^

      • Cate

        Fair enough :) Thanks for providing them in the first place.

  • Ruthie Ma

    Is there anyway to convert this to a Valentine’s Day card? I love it!

  • Ailse

    This is so cute! It would be perfect for my daughter’s birthday next month. I am formally asking for your permission to use this design. Thank you for the great idea! :)

  • Verity

    I love these, and I don’t even have a kid!

  • Yisehannie Perez Dones

    I am in love with these invitations! Wish they could be edited to add the information since my chicken scratch handwriting will ruin your awesome and creative template..

  • Bellenza

    Super cute and creative! I love this.

  • Criss

    Hello, thanks for the idea, its a great invitation and Im sure all my friends will love it. Just one thing, I can’t find the printable for the envelope, can you please help me with it? Thanks Criss

    • mrprintables

      Hi Criss, the envelope is on page 2. However I noticed it doesn’t show up in some browsers like Chrome (strange!) Please try Firefox or opening in Adobe Reader. Thanks!

  • Ana Luisa

    What font is this?

  • Lundi 27

    Merci beaucoup ! Ca va beaucoup me servir pour l’anniversaire de ma fille :)
    Bonne journée

  • Antje

    Hello from Berlin, Germany :O) Your designs make people happy all over the world! I am using the rainbow invitations for my youngest daughter´s 3rd birthday. For Halloween we used the bones invitations. People over here love them!!! Thank you so much for your creativity and sharing it with the world!

  • Nicole Willey

    Thank you so much for sharing this. We loved using these for our daughter’s first birthday!

  • Ophélie Brunet

    I’m agree, please send me the code :-) Thanks

  • Stefan Großjohann

    Is it possible to get the password? We want to edit it for my daughters birthday and we love this beautiful / easy design. Thanks!!!

  • Olga Baños

    So cute!!! I think I am going to use them for my son birthday in April. They are really original!!!

  • Lisa Williams

    hi will the rainbow & envelope fit on an A4 sheet of paper?

  • Lula

    I can’t print it how can I do it? URGENT!!

  • Marina

    Hello! The step by step pictures are not opening :( Can you please fix it?