Robot Coloring Pages

Robot Coloring Pages

Welcome to a future with robot friends helping us out! Can robots do what people do?
Let’s have a look…
It’s a People VS Robot coloring pages competition!

robot coloring pages
Farm-bot Coloring Page
Powered by solar energy panels on the chest, farm robot is helping the farmer to sow seeds and dig up the vegetables.
robot coloring pages
Beach-bot Coloring Page
Robots don’t only work hard but also have holidays and enjoy themselves. Here’s one on the beach – be careful not to over-heat!
robot coloring page
Rusty Coloring page
Poor ‘Rusty’ is walking in the rain. It’s got an umbrella and wellies so hopefully it doesn’t get too rusty before it gets home.
  • Alicia

    all these robot colouring pages didn’t open on my computer. Too shame, I will try later on.

  • mollie kay

    These pages aren’t opening on my computer either :/