Printable Gradient Papers

Changing Skies Gradient Papers

Changing Skies / printable gradient papers

When the sky’s grey, print these instant colorful skies on paper!

Colors of the sky in ever changing gradient hues make such a feast for the eyes.
I was recently collecting a few things for kids under the theme of changing weather for a blog post and it seemed that the colors of the sky make a great creative theme for kids.

When the sky makes spectacular gradations from deep blues to rainbow pastel colors, it compels anyone to take the opportunity to photograph it. I remember trying to capture the amazing colors the eye can see and always find out they come out in murky grainy nothing. Photographer Eric Cahan has a great skill to capture them in a series of photos of the sky that carry a large pastel range of the tones you can observe through different times. They also make perfect screen savers and today I even noticed a couple of choices on the new iPhone backgrounds!

So, I’ve made some printable gradient papers in 5 different sets of colors you can print and use for all sorts of paper crafts and art projects for kids. They will make simple but colorful gift wraps, nice envelopes or favor bags for rainbow themed parties.

Also I believe these pastel colors don’t consume much ink. When I printed them onto plain papers on normal settings it was super quick and still looked very good.

printable gradient papers

They were fun to photograph and I’m trying to learn to take better photos so I just messed around a little. However it seems to have some kind of moire in the image. I haven’t got much clue about photography, still lots to learn…

I tried wrapping some boxes as my first quick use for these papers and although it’s a little unimaginative a use for this article considering the possibilities, they looked very nice and I’m sure to use them often for gifts! If you want to use more than 1 sheet for larger gifts, print the second sheet with the ‘mirrored’ (or reversed) setting from your printer, then you can seamlessly connect two sheets for continuing gradation. Of course you can connect many sheets the same way if you like.

Gift wraps (with sky gradient printable papers) | Mr Printables

printable gradient papers

printable gradient papers

There can be many interesting art projects for kids to do with these simple papers along with weather & nature themed activities which we’re yet to try.  I’ve just made pretty pastel colored ones but to express more mood and atmosphere there can be many more shades that might be useful.


Sky Gradient Papers (5 pages)

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If you have good uses for these, I can make more gradient papers. They are super quick and easy to make with endless applications, so it’s a win win.

Also I could not help but try to wax some of them. Very nice so I’ll share the result next time!

  • allthingspaper

    These are absolutely beautiful – thank you!

    • mrprintables

      Thank you – glad you like them ^ ^

  • Cynthia Hughes

    This is really cute paper but the download pages are only pink…

    • mrprintables

      Hi Cynthia, they seem to be fine on my computer and I can’t think what could cause it to show only pink. If more people have problems, I’ll investigate but can’t find anything wrong with the original files. It could be a preview issue with your browser…? Did you try downloading it (right-clicking) and opening in acrobat reader?

      • Cynthia Hughes

        Yea it worked! Thank You!

  • Jan Castle

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! These are so cheerful!!!

    • mrprintables

      : D

  • Terry Corsi DeVore

    I love them too but I must have a lousy printer….mine didn’t turn out as pretty as the ones shown…grrrrr

    • mrprintables

      Sorry to hear you have problem printing. I’m not sure if my printer is any better than others, I just print with the ‘plain paper’ setting. It could be some other issue. The file’s saved as RBG but if your pdf reader or printer somehow change that into CMYK, it could dull down the color. That’s one possibility I can think of but I’m no expert in printing. Hope you can check some calibration or color output setting…?

  • Linda Maria

    Love these….will be interesting to use for origami…..

  • Sarah Halwachi

    Thank you so much for these. However, they are password protected :(
    would you be more generous and tell me what it is

  • devina2121


  • devina2121

    i really needed these for a school project! thanks so much

  • Sarah

    Was so excited for these. Unfortunately they have lines all over them and are not as visually appealing as they appear in your photos. After I printed them out, I look at your photos and saw the same lines. I’ll be making my own. Thanks for the idea though.

    • mrprintables

      Hi Sarah
      That’s strange, they don’t have any lines, as you can see on the files. Although the photo has a moire effect and the lines in the photos are an optical effect from the lens. I can confirm the papers printed from the files had no lines whatsoever and looked exactly like the ones in the picture (except for the moire patterns ^ ^ )
      Normally lines appear when the printer is on a draft setting so you may want to check the print settings! Thank you!

  • Alessa Mae

    Hi thank you these are beautiful! I was wondering if I could use these as backgrounds for my assignment?

  • Blizzard Lynn

    thanks for sharing! They are so pretty!

  • Patria Flowers

    Wonderful Papers! Great for use with Pocket Letters as backgrounds

  • Bridget Pantilanan

    I’m just new here and I don’t know how to download it. Can someone help me out?