Snow Gift Wrapping Paper

Let It Snow Gift Wrap

printable gift wrap / Let it snow!

I love that hazy sight of a city or landscape through gently falling snow flakes.┬áSo kicking off our DIY gift wrapping series for the holiday season, it’s the first snow of the year! Create a snowy winter scene with these gift wraps. The download file includes 3 shades of printable wrapping papers for easy printing on plain paper with the greyscale setting.

They are subtle but lovely, with blurry snow creating depth and illusion of snow flakes falling in and on your gifts!

printable gift wrap / Let it snow!

Wrap small gifts with one sheet or connect a few prints together to form a large sheet.

snow gift wrap/ free printable papers

What looks like popcorn crumbs are my attempt at creating a little pile of snow under the gifts… not working. If you have a nice idea for creating a snowy scene, pile up these wrapped up gifts and surround it with some fake snow, white confetti or undulating white cloth to create a magical scene.

snow gift wrap / free printable papers


Falling snow wrapping papers (3.5 MB, 3 pages)

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Let it snow all over your gifts this Christmas!

  • Libby123

    Thank you so much. This is so beautiful and I can’t wait to wrap my small gifts in this paper and tie it with shiny silver and white ribbon. Hey, how about a printable for a star-shaped gift tag?