Fountain of Hearts Valentine Card

Fountain of Hearts Valentine Card

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This is one of those crafty Valentine cards you can show off. Lots of hearts with your message come out from the envelope like a fountain of love! : ) Write your message on each heart and finish it with a bit of sewing and glueing. The result is a lovely surprise for whoever receives it. It can also make a nice wall decoration, you might even want to frame it!


Fountain of hearts valentine card
Blank heart template (if you use your own colored or patterned paper)

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How to make this valentine card:

how to make heart cardhow to make heart card

1. Print the hearts and cut them out. Be careful not to cut between the hearts that are grouped together. (The check pattern in the photo is the backside. We printed one of our scrapbook papers on the back before we cut them out.) Alternatively, print our blank template on any of your own favorite paper.

Lay them out as you want – straight or slightly leaning to one-side as we did – and thread them through with a needle and string as in the photo. You can use ribons or tape if prefered. To make it lean towards one side, make one side longer than the other. Keep the hearts and thread in straight line so they don’t twist.

2. Write your messages on the hearts, then fold the hearts together.

how to make heart cardhow to make heart card

3. Bunch them up carefully to fit in the envelope and glue the last heart inside the envelope. Find a good position so the glued heart peeks out nicely from the envelope.

4. Seal your envelope and surprise someone you love!

  • Rose Harris

    Can we have a blank envelope or the dimensions for it please, and some more stuff for the UK holidays as the US have different times thanks. I love your website!