3D Number Templates

Our 3D Alphabet printables have been very popular and we're so happy to see what you do with them. They're used for decorating walls and shelves, to spell names for nursery rooms, as party decor, even as garlands...! Check out #mrprintables on Instagram and share your project too!

Now it’s time for 3D numbers! Neat free printable templates with quite a number of uses. : ) These will be great for birthday party decorations. How about using them as cake toppers?

You can print and make all the paper numbers from 0 to 9 and use them in creative math activities.

How to make
these 3D numbers

The templates are in black & white and are designed to be printed on your choice of colored papers. Heavy papers / card stocks are ideal if you want to make them durable.

Print them on your favorite paper. Cut the outlines first. Then score all of the dotted lined well to make clean folds.

The side tabs can be glued together first. Then you need to glue the extra strips to the rest of the side tabs.

Gluing the back side of the letter is optional, but recommended. This helps keeping the shape of each number nice and straight.

Use them together with the 3D alphabet – you can now create special 3d letter displays with combinations of the alphabet & numbers for any occasion!


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