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Bobo Choses for dancing color

matisse print colourful cutouts for summer
The Bobo Choses print ‘Matisse’ is part of Der Blaue Reiter for Spring/Summer 2016, naturally in tribute to the French painter.  We love the Matisse print for its pure celebration of spring, of newness, of childlike joy. There’s an innocence in the shapes and colours that cannot help but uplift the spirit, just like the unveiling of spring!

In the words of Matisse himself, he wished his work to express the ‘light joyousness of springtime,’ and that is precisely what Bobo Choses have achieved with their new collection.

matisse print scarf, dress, notebook and pencil case

It is fun, it is playful and full to the brim with dancing colour.

‘Who says color can’t dance?’ said Henri Matisse.
matisse cutouts rug

The Matisse cutouts are captured in this Bobo print and it’s one that brings a joy each time it is beheld. I think Matisse would wholeheartedly approve!

You might just want to own a little piece of this artwork yourself and celebrate the springtime. Bobo Choses is here for dancing color!

Bekka at Sister’s Guild

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