Back to School Pencil Favor Boxes

To celebrate back to school, here are some colorful pencil favor boxes and tiny cute eraser boxes to print that are perfect for teacher gifts or back to school party decorations. Remember those lovely two tone parallelogram erasers? Classics!

The top of the pencil is a lid you can open and shut using a tab to put your little presents and favors inside.
And each pencil box template sheet comes with a little eraser box too, because a pencil and an eraser shall always be together.
There are 3 colors to choose from or a blank one you can color in. Draw and paint fun patterns on the pencil body for your own special pencil box!

Use together with these ruler gift tags to make a whole stationery themed gift set or studious party decorations.


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      • Slightly furious that ‘Mrprintables’ could comment on this.. Little upset that you don’t condone profanity on your website.

          • Freedom of speech has nothing to do with using language like that on a site that is for children. It’s a case of no manners and probably no morals if that is their favorite word. I feel sorry for any children that have contact with them.

  1. Hi, I loved the pencil boxes and 3D letters. Loved your website, here in Brazil we do not have such creative sites like yours!! Excuse any mistakes in my writing, do not write well in English and used the aid of google translator.

    • Thanks for your kind message! ^ ^ Your english is great by the way. I can’t do without google translator too!

  2. Oh my gosh I love it!!! I can’t really wait to make it and use it in shcool xD
    Thanks so much for making & sharing this <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3