Animal Magnetic Magic for Walls

Animal Magnetic Magic for Walls

A new discovery for the Guild has got us sisters giddy this week, as if the festive fervour of December wasn’t enough. We’ve always had a hankering for big wall displays in every room – to keep all those scraps of sketches, printed memories, scribbles and inspiration in one place. It feels both both tidy and creative. And now for even more style and practicality there are wall stickers that are magnetic too. I know, it’s genius!

magnetic wall stickers

Circular magnetic wall stickers with a black and white animal face.
Now, to choose which animal. Mr Fox, the perky Rabbit, or the super cool Cockatail. Oh but that elegant Giraffe, and the wise owl…take your pick.

There’s plain white for pure, minimal spaces…

white magnetic wall sticker

AND, even more exciting…a wall sticker that is both magnetic and a blackboard.


Magnetic Wall Stickers to create a display, a moodboard, a wall of wonder. At

(Wall stickers that are magnetic, featuring an animal face, bringing a unique way to display and inspire an interior space)

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