Bag to School

Bag to School

Finding a school bag I really like is tricky but here are a few of my favorites. Having the right bag is a big part of celebrating back to school and the new school year. Have you found yours yet?

Bag to School - Elephant bag by Company

Elephant bag by Company, handmade in Belgium

Elephant bags are popular. You can knit quite a cute one yourself with a kit

Bag to School - Polka Dot bag by Lazy Oaf

Blobby square bag by Lazy Oaf

Bag to School - Watermelon bag by Lazy Oaf

Watermelon bag by Lazy Oaf (because it’s watermelon!)

Bag to School - Bobo Choses Wool Bags

Lovely wool bags by Bobo Choses


Bag to School - Animal bags by Mibo

Animal bags by Mibo at Coq en Pate

Bag to School - Original Satchel Bags

And of course, colorful Satchel bags by The Cambridge Satchel Company

Bag to School - Handmade Stripy bag on Etsy

Handmade stripy canvas bag by Bagy Bags on Etsy

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