Cuddly Weather Maps by Corby Tindersticks

Cuddly Weather Maps by Corby Tindersticks

We love wood, we love paper, we love soft textiles. They offer a myriad of tactile experiences for child’s play. Today we’re loving these gorgeous felt toys from the delightful UK brand Corby Tindersticks. These fun interactive toys have a great quirky style, soft for the little one’s hands and will make a favorite staple at home, but we’ve picked them especially for this holiday season because they’re great as travel toys. Light and easy to pack. No worries for breaking anything even if you stuff them into the very last suitcase cranny you thought you didn’t have!

Corby Tindersticks Interactive Weather Map

And while you’re heading off to your holiday destination, what’s more suitable than your little weather forecaster telling you what the weather’s like in your holiday place? They’ll guide you to the right direction of a sunny destination.

For global trotters, the interactive world weather map come in A2 size map of the world, with 8 weather symbols made of felt, with velcro back.

For the lucky people in the UK and Japan, there’s a UK weather map  & Japan weather map too.

Corby Tindersticks UK Map

Corby Tindersticks UK map

Our other favorite is this felt road atlas. Great for a road trip and all parts safe in the back seat!

Corby Tindersticks Road Atlas

Corby Tindersticks Road Atlas

 More Corby Tindersticks lovelies are available on Sister’s Guild.

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