Favorite Books by Bonbon Mini

Favorite Books by Bonbon Mini

Favorite Books by Bonbonmini on Mr P blog

We’re always looking for books that have unique graphics (see #1), great storytelling (see #2) or an interactive twist (see #3 and 4). But there are so many books out there that it’s easy for some of the best titles to stay under the radar until someone gives you a tip. In fact, looking at this list, most of our favorite books were gifts. So here are a few of the favorites:

1. Creature ABC by Andrew Zuckerman
2. Acorns and Stew Too by Ruth Orbach
3. Press Here by Herve Tullet
4. A Zeal of Zebras by Woop Studios
5. Peekabo by Taro Gomi
6. This is San Francisco by M. Sasek
7. This is New York by M. Sasek

The one that wins the favorite vote from both the kids and I? It’s Acorns and Stew Too by Ruth Orbach. It’s a touching and creative story with beautiful illustrations to match.

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5 Responses to Favorite Books by Bonbon Mini

  1. Some of my favorite books! I love all of Sasek’s city books, and I own San Francisco and NYC 🙂 I’m also a sucker for great alphabet books, and the Woop Studios book is one of my favorites 🙂

  2. I love Creature ABC and Press Here. The city books are on my wish list! I’m in love with the ducks on the cover of ‘Acorns and Stew Too’ – seriously adorable. Thanks for the recommendations!

    @angelariggs:disqus Just looked up Woop Studios – I’m a fan now too. : )

  3. As always, I love everything I find at Mr. Printable, including your list of books. The Sasek books are absolute favorites and I’m determined to reach all of his destinations just to bring these books home as souvenir for our children! Thank you.

    • Thanks Gina! We’ll keep adding more books. I love all of Kristin’s recommendations. You’ll probably love her bonbon mini blog too!