Playing with a Circle Punch

Playing with a circle punch - DIY Slotting Discs Toy

I finally bought a circle punch thinking it would be useful at some point and it became our favorite toy instantly! I’ve been punching whatever papers I can find for a few days now and not bored yet. I didn’t expect it to be so much fun. If you have a circle punch, here are a few quick ideas you can make in no time and start playing with. If you need an idea for the next craft toy to buy that will last, a circle punch is a worthy candidate.


Punch out circles and cut a few slits on each disc in random positions and in different lengths. Children can slot together different pieces and build various shapes.

Playing with a circle punch - DIY Slotting Discs Toy

Playing with a circle punch - DIY Slotting Discs Toy

I used normal papers for the ones in the photos, but I’ve cut card stock (like cereal boxes) with my cutter without problems. The punch I bought has a solid metal cutting edge and I think it will survive cutting various thicknesses.



Playing with a circle punch - DIY polka dot memory game

Simply punch out pairs of different colors plus black or dark colored circles for the other side. Glue them back to back neatly so the color doesn’t show when they are upside down. Voila! You have a pretty polka dot color matching memory game!



Playing with a circle punch - DIY gift tags

Colorful cut out circles are great craft material for creating fun patterns and shapes. Glue them together into different shapes in multiple color combinations, punch small holes to tie with string and use as gift tags or ornaments.



Playing with a circle punch - DIY confetti garland

And of course, the first thing I was going to make was a confetti garland. Fun to make with kids and decorate kids rooms. Simply punch out all of your favorite color papers or any other patterned papers, fix to a string with a piece of tape on the back, or glue colors back to back and they’ll look great hanging as bunting or vertically. I’m thinking of a colorful mobile next… Happy days!

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Playing with a Circle Punch

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  1. You so crazy and fun!!! I love seeing what you’ve done with your circle whole bunch. The gift tag ornaments are my fave of this bunch!

    • Thanks! Thumbs up for circle punches – it’s a lot more fun than I ever expected. ^ ^

  2. So many cool ideas! My son is asleep now, can’t wait for him to be up to try them all with him. I sense a fun future for my stack of origami papers 😀