Rock & Pebble is coming to town

Rock & Pebble is coming to town

Rock and Pebble

Finally a sneak preview of our first doll houses for Rock & Pebble – Mr P’s new brand for kids and home!

To support our ongoing creative adventure here, it’s been in our mind for a while to design a few products, made in beautiful materials and nicely crafted, something I could be proud of one day. ^ ^  And here we are, Rock & Pebble is coming soon…! Well, soonish. In about 4 weeks!

We’d made this pear house prototype to play with last October (shared on my instagram here) and liked it so much we decided to try and make it in the best way possible as our first product, hoping others would love it as much as we do. Naturally an apple house followed!

R&P Pear House

We tracked down the best quality birch plywood and improved the design over time. Tested more prototypes and refined the final shape. Found nice people who could help make it carefully and finish it all by hand.

We’re getting there and our first small batch is now being made. Hope you like them!

We have more photos to take, website to design… it’s been a slow process to get it right. Then something happened the other day, I noticed someone had already copied the design that I’d shared on instagram. They showed my design to a wood worker to copy and published it on their blog and the woodwork shop site. Baaah… this was going to be my first ever product and it was copied before I even launched it! A sign perhaps that people can’t wait for this? Joking aside I’m taking this seriously and have asked them to take it down (waiting to hear back) and so here I am. Publishing a sneak view a bit sooner than I planned. But maybe it’s a good time to show you as it’s been a while since I designed them.

They will be available to order in about 4 weeks but if you want to make sure to have one of them when the first 100 pieces are ready, please go subscribe to the R&P newsletter. I’ll send out the email the minute they become available so you don’t miss out!

Apple House

We also have another unusual doll house in production that we’re hoping to show very soon. And hopefully there will be many more nice things on Rock & Pebble this year.

If you have a lovely shop and are interested in wholesale info, please email me.

Thanks and look forward to hearing what you think!

Rock & Pebble

Rock & Pebble



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12 Responses to Rock & Pebble is coming to town

  1. They are beautifully made, well done!! Really appreciate the fact you’ve shared the entire process behind it, too. It’s easy to look at products and forget the hard work that went into it!

  2. Ohhh wow!!! I am SOO excited!! The FIRST thing I said before I even saw who made it was “I WANT ONE!!” Signed up for notification. Look so forward to the release…. Also, it’s SOO disappointing to hear that you have to go through things like ridiculous copy cat situations like that. I have to believe that the amount of those types of people is few. Makes me feel better 😉 … I am a firm believer in sharing (as I can see you all are) ideas but, to copy is something different altogether. Children learn by mimicking & copying–I’d like to believe adults get “inspired” by others. Thankfully, You have a wonderful huge fan base & we support all the work you do here & in your new ventures!

    • Hi Jeanine, Thank you so so much for your kind & thoughtful comment! I’m really grateful. Also super happy to hear that you like the doll houses. : ) I just sent out the first newsletter on friday, a subscribers preview, but if you signed up after that and didn’t receive it, you can check out this page for all the info:

      There will be other fun products coming this year and I’m also trying to keep the site and blog busy with new fresh contents. Thank you for your support – you’re so kind!