‘So Awesome’ Wallet Cards

So Awesome Wallet Cards - non-toxic, kid-safe play cards for your wallet

So, now I’m going to tempt you to add some new cards to your wallet. ^ ^ Before you say ‘here we go…’ I’ll also add that they are fake cards and they are awesome.

We are very happy to have ‘So Awesome’ company as our new sponsor who make the most gorgeous cards you can have in your wallet.

Michigan Mom Marie-Claire has two twin boys who love playing with her cards (especially the important cards like credit, debit and driver’s license) and always steal them from her wallet. Sound familiar? What is it with kids and cards or phones?
She first gave them empty gift cards and expired bank cards to play with but soon realised that they were made of PVC and other unspecified chemicals that are not safe for kids.
Inspired by her two boys, to make safe alternatives they can play with, she researched, designed, developed, raised funding on Kickstarter … wow, and finally manufactured these ‘wallet cards’. They are durable (she says indestructible), bio-degradable, non-toxic, kid-safe, food-safe and made in USA.

So Awesome Wallet Cards - non-toxic, kid-safe play cards for your wallet

Brilliant illustrators were commissioned to create different sets – Alphabet, Color & Shape, Number, Go! – and all are beautiful. And there is of course a ‘My Wallet set’ complete with pretend membership & bank cards and play money in a kid friendly wallet.

So Awesome Wallet Cards - non-toxic, kid-safe play cards for your wallet

I love this beautiful ‘Color’ set with water color designs, which children can use in activities with lots of wet paint and splashes and simply wipe them off afterwards.

These are the best kinds of products we’re all looking for – made by parents for their own children, inspired by their children, in collaboration with wonderful illustrators and artists, safe, beautiful and manufactured locally and responsibly.

So Awesome is giving away a bundle of all four education decks (Alphabet, GO!, Numbers and Color & Shape) to one Mr P reader with free international shipping. Simply comment with your thoughts below to enter! One random winner will be picked on the 24th Oct.

You’ll also get a whopping 35% discount off everything using the code: MRPRINTABLES35 from the store until the 31 Oct. Yay!

//This giveaway is now closed. The lucky winner is Cerise Wade. Congrats! We’ll get in touch with you!//

81 Responses to ‘So Awesome’ Wallet Cards

  1. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to pay for something and upon opening my wallet realize that all my cards have been shuffled around or strategically hidden in nooks and crannys of my purse. I don’t know how she does it, but maybe these cards would slow her down before she gets misplacing my cards. I love the beautiful designs! They would have to catch her attention right?!

  2. I would love to show them to all my children in the classroom, they are simply lovely !

  3. My daughter would love these, I’m sure… as would I! I remember my own little card wallet being a firm favourite when I was little and it was full of cards I got free with cereal. I think they had rather ghoulish looking insects on them if I remember correctly.

  4. Thrilled to see that these will be available for purchase! I was so bummed to miss out on the Kickstarter campaign, but I definitely see a purchase in the not-too-distant future!

  5. Wouahou!
    Très chouettes couleurs et design..
    Si je les gagne, c’est possible de les garder pour moi, en cachette des enfants??
    Merci en tout cas pour la découverte.

  6. Hi! They lall look fantastic. My favourite cards are the color and shape ones. They could be framed, they’re gorgeous! And I love that they come in English, French and Spanish, just perfect!

  7. Those look really neat. I like the color and shape one, but something tells me my class of two year olds (and nearly all boys) would like the Go! set best.

  8. Samantha and Laura, then you might really like our new little gem: A wallet just for little ones, with play money and cards (looks just like an adult’s wallet). 🙂 Comes with a companion iPhone app too.

  9. Thanks for the heads up on the expired cards – never stopped to think what they were made of! I have an almost 2yo who loves nothing more than emptying my wallet…every time I go into it, I swear more cards are missing, but I just can’t remember what. These would be a perfect stand-in!

  10. Wonderful, reminds me of a set of bird and animal cards I had as a child. I’d love for my grand kids to enjoy these.

  11. I’m so impressed with what Marie-Claire and her family have done in creating these sets of cards – they are beautiful.

  12. They are beautiful! And yes, I definitely understand the kids-taking-stuff-out-of-my-wallet thing. ALL the time. These would be great for restaurants and such.

  13. These *are* so awesome! I’m a preschool teacher, and these cards would be such a wonderful benefit in our classroom – my kids would love playing with them 🙂

  14. My daughter would absolutely love these, which means my wallet wouldn’t be “victim” anymore! 🙂

  15. This is a really great idea! My daughter loves playing with my wallet and it’s a terrible mess afterwards to find everything again. I’d love to have these cards. Great idea!!!

  16. These are gorgeous! My daughter would love them-and leave mine alone! We’d all win! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. I love these! My 2yo is obsessed with numbers/letters/colours… you name it! his favourite phrase is “what is it?” these would be so useful to take out and about!

  18. I think these are so neat. I love the colors and the graphics and I know the owners have been a lot of time, thought and effort into creating them.

  19. I have a set coming from backing their Kickstarter so if I win they’ll be donated. Really wanted to mention the iPhone app, great to play on the go!

  20. Brilliant idea. My wallet is always the first thing they go for. This would be perfect to throw in my purse for on the go!

  21. Our granddaughter would enjoy these artistic cards. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  22. These ate brilliant, my son needs them on his life & I need my wallet back! Please pick us ☺

  23. Love these cards! My son is always stealing my cards -these beautiful ones would be much nicer for him and me to be stolen!

  24. What a brilliant idea! I love any toy/game/book that is educational and this totally fits the bill! 🙂

  25. I am so picky about the products I pick for my for my children, and I am thoroughly head-over-heels in LOVE with all of these cards … great quality and attention to detail … and educational, too! I hope I win!

  26. I remember both my nieces used to like digging wallet & purse out from bag, enjoyed taking out all the notes and cards. Now I am having the same headache with my 12 months old gal. This is such an fantastic idea to give them a “wallet” of their own, thinking that they are playing with adult’s wallet and on the other hand we are free from worries knowing these are safe for kids. Brilliant! I can teach her with these cards too! Love at first sight!

  27. oh WOW – these are wonderful! Love the illustrations, the practicality and durability :). I would absolutely love to win these.

  28. What an extremely generous gift Marie-Claire! I have yet to see the color & shape ones. Thank you Mr. Prinables!

  29. Cool designs – just what we want for groovy growing minds. Count us in – thanks!


  31. Wow! This is a great idea! I’ve got 3 kids under 7 and my husband and I are always trying to hide our wallets from the kids. I still unfortunately give them our old cards. But if I get this, it’ll be awesome!

  32. These are so adorable…I usually let my son use my expired CC I hadn’t had the chance to shred but these are so much better. My information would be safe and he’d have the opportunity to reinforce content he is learning. <3

  33. Awesome! I love these cards. I would love to use this with my students! most are bilingual and these cards are so helpful in many ways! (size, color and beauty!)

  34. Leave it to a Mom to come up with something wonderful like this. My son likes using my cards as “mail” and has deposited several into an unreachable slot in the car. I think if he had his own cards to play with, mine wouldn’t disappear.

  35. This is fabulous! I’ve been eyeing these products for awhile now. The discount is exactly what I needed to get off the fence and place my order. Thanks!

  36. I would like to have these for my daughter. She undergoing therapy to improve her speech. These beautiful cards sure to capture my daughter’s interest to learn more.

  37. That’s such an inspired thing to do, love made by mom (and dad) products! Absolutely love the color cards which would be so amazing to have seeing that I am trying to teach my son colors, and given that he loves taking the cards out of my purse would be more of an incentive to learn his colors! 🙂

  38. My sister gave us the Alphabet set awhile back and we LOVE these. Would love to add to our collection

  39. Brilliant! I like the Color & Shapes set since we’ll be raising our baby in a bilingual family 🙂

  40. I love the concept, bright colors, and simplicity of design of these cards. If my grandmother were alive today, she would want a deck or more of these to go along with her colorforms and art supplies that she always had around for the kids. In the spirit of my grandmother, I will happily go to the website and buy some of these cards for my own children.

  41. oh that’s fantastic! I’m a Michigander and love the idea of supporting a Michigan made business – plus, my 3 year old daughter would love these!

  42. My Olivia is going to just love these cards. The colors and graphics are awesome. They will be great to keep in the car – so portable!!