Weather’s Changing!

Weather’s Changing!

Weather's Changing - Marimekko Weather Diary
Weather’s changing fast, getting colder, drizzly with leaves changing color… I started collecting weather related things at the end of summer but now it’s suddenly moving towards winter already before I have the post ready!

I actually like it when the weather starts getting chilly. The coziness of a soft warm blanket and especially thick wooly socks. Clouds, raindrops and lightning are big favorite design themes these days and I love the idea of snuggling up in a bit of cloud or bringing in a few raindrops whilst in the comfort of home.

I tried a magazine style collection of images (as below) for the first time and wow it’s a lot of work. Finding all the shops that are actually stocking that product you pinned months ago… it’s not at all straight forward. Anyhow, here they are, some of my favorite weather themed lovelies for the little ones and home.

What To Wear

Weather's Changing - What to Wear

1. Carry a blue sky even in the rain with this umbrella from the MOMA shop
2. Cutest little cardigan by Little Lief
3. Soft alpaca baby scarf by Lilly Marthe Ebener
4. Perfect leggings rain or shine by Harvest Textile
5. Or carry a rainbow over your head on a grey day also from Moma shop
6. Cozy bear sweater, lightning pants, squeeze me mittens (designed for you and the little one holding hands!) at Oeuf NYC
7. Cloud hat and toddler pullover at Noch Mini
8. Stomp around in rainbow wellies from Little Stomper

For Home

Weather's Changing - For Home

1. Wind pillow & raindrop cushion by Colette Bream
2. Cloud and rainbow pillows by Oeuf
3. Cloud pillow & Raindrop cushions by ZÜ
4. Cloud hanger / Rain drop coat hook
5. Rainy Cloud Blanket by Donna Wilson
6. Weather diary collection by Marimekko
7. Raindrop cushion by Ferm Living
8. Weather Girls Nesting Dolls by Sketch Inc

The weather diary collection by Marimekko is also great inspiration for artistic activities at home. Water color is a great medium to express subtly changing atmosphere, looming clouds and changing colors of the sky and I think this collection is an inspiration for children to create some kind of watercolor diary of their own from observing the weather. Read the story behind the collection and get inspired!

Weather's Changing - Marimekko Weather Diary Collection

Weather's Changing - Marimekko Weather Diary

For further weather activities, this felt weather map from Corby Tinderstick below is a gorgeous way to play.

Weather's Changing - Corby Tinderstick Weather Map

For DIY weather reports, also try our own ‘My weather station’ printable activity here!

Hope you’re all cuddled up together safely in stormy weather!

(top image: Marimekko Weather Diary)

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    • Thanks for stopping by Becky! I had your gorgeous Weather Girls in mind for this post from a while ago and hope I collected good company for her! ; )

  1. I love the cute cushion cloud by Oeuf, maybe a gift for me for Chistmas. I had a crush for it! I love the sun of Corby too! I would like to do the same thing like you with my French blog and select some french artist who have maked weather object…If I’ll have time to write it, I will send you the link of this future post…

    • I’ve had that Oeuf cloud pillow on my wish list for a while too! Hope to see your selection : )