Wind-powered stools

Wind-powered stools

If we told you these stools were made from wind-powered knitting machines would you believe us? It is such an implausible thought that we almost don’t believe it ourselves.


In 2010, Merel Karhof built a ‘wind knitting factory’, comprised of several machines each with blades more than a meter in diameter.


The windmills used air currents to power the mill, with the intensity of the wind determining the speed at which it would knit.


Starting off with a humble scarf, Karhof noticed that windy conditions saw rapid knitting activity, while more calm days saw a slower, more controlled production.


Three years later, a ‘Windworks’ exhibition was held at the famous windmill the Zaanse Schans in the Netherlands, an area famous for windmills. For the event, Karhof collaborated with a local sawmill and colour mill to produce her series of cheerful seats made from nature.


The results were something spectacular, and not just because of their beauty but because of their amazing journey into the world.


See more wind-powered creations from the talented Ms Merel Karhof on her website.


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