Paper City Christmas Advent Calendar

Who lives on Christmas Street? This printable Christmas advent calendar has every house on the street from 1 to 24. Create these easy-to-make match box size houses and buildings and children can visit each house everyday until Christmas.

They make cute decorations or play sets. Display them neatly in one long line along a wall or shelf, create your own little village, hang them on the tree, or scatter them around the house! There’s a black and white only version too so you can color and decorate each one as you like. Make them as colorful as you want!

Hide little treats or activity ideas of the day inside. Or place inside little people or animals who live in the houses. Every house has a story.

How to make
this Christmas Advent Calendar

Print the pages and cut out each shape. Use heavy weight papers so the boxes are sturdy.

Score the grey dotted lines and fold. Glue angular tabs to complete the houses, but do not glue curved tabs as they are there to help the lids (top of each building) stay in place.

Hope you enjoy this one! We had fun making it! Have a look at our other advent calendar too, if you’re still looking for more ideas!


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