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15 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Ok so i absolutely LOVE your graphics! I am on the hunt for a daily routine chart for my kids, and wondered if you’ve ever thought of doing something like this? Or perhaps you already have a product like this and i just didn’t find it… I can’t seem to find anything (for free or to purchase) that has the style of graphics i want on the chart. I should mention my kiddos are age 4 and 2 so i’m specifically looking for simple, cute pictures that clearly spell out tasks like, brush teeth (maybe a toothbrush and paste?) , make bed, get dressed, eat breakfast (like toast or a bowl of cereal), go potty, clean up toys, hug mommy, jammies, get in bed, etc. If there’s any chance you have something like this or are working on it would you let me know? I need more routine in my life but i sure as hell don’t want it to be ugly! thank you!

    Sally Metzger

  2. Good morning , I’m completely in love with your “printable map of usa in color” and would love to print it on canvas for the bedroom of my children . Can I have the password to open the file with photoshop and print in large format ? sorry for my English, i’m Italian mom.

  3. Hello! I love the world flags printables for bunting, but I cannot figure out how to download. I have google chrome and have downloaded the ZipDevil, but cannot figure out next step.

  4. I love the site. I’m helping my niece create a banner for her classroom. I downloaded the Flag PDF and need the password for the file to print it through Corel. Please forward the password or let me know if there another way to do this. Thanks, Robin

  5. hello, your contact info is not working and id love to discuss a project I’m am working on could you let me know how to get in touch with someone at Mr Printables

  6. Hi! Love this site, however, your contact info isn’t working. Can you send, respond, or post an address for inquiries? Thanks!

  7. Hi Mr Printables!

    Thank you for all the fabulous materials! These have been a life saver trying to connect with my students in Korea (we can’t speak well together so we connect through making projects together and this site is perfect for their level).

    I’ve been trying to download some materials (the summer fans – only the yellow template works – and animal fans) and the download links are not working – there’s an error (see pic attached).

    Thank you again for all the free materials! They are super freakin’ awesome and I can’t wait to make everything!

    • Hi Hoolz
      Thank you for your comment and letting us know about the link! We’re working on a site update at the moment and a few things are temporarily unavailable. We’ve now fixed those links so hope you can enjoy them now.

      • Hi Mr Printables,
        Thank you so much!! I’m really looking forward to making the summer fans today!

  8. Hi folks! I am thrilled with the Tutti Fruiti patterns – look forward to making them! Your pictures show a pineapple, a raspberry, and a banana. The patterns for those fruit do not seem to be in the three files that are currently available for download. Would you be willing to re-post them? There are many of us who are looking for them – in vain, alas!
    Thank you so much for all you share with us!

    • Hi Sarah
      Thanks! The missing banana & pineapple (together with a few small berries) are now available again from the Paper Fruit page. Enjoy! : )

  9. i am trying to combine a bunch of letters and numbers into one PDF, but it is password protected… can you help me?

  10. Hello! I would really love to print the draw the moon! Unfortunately, there is not a downloadable link for any of them. Would you be able to post them again? Thank you so so much!