Dad Rocks DIY Father’s Day Gift

We seem to be going for typography inspiration for this father's day. Here's another DIY for a father's day gift which you can decorate into your own cool rock designs. Add these fine rock specimens to dad's rock collections or typography collections, whichever type your dad is. It's very simple to make!

Print the template or trace the lines on your favorite paper (stiff cardstock is best). Cut the solid lines, score the dotted lines and glue. That’s it. The fun part is to decorate them to look like real rocks. You can use dark grey or black paper then splash some white paint on it to create speckles or paint on them as you like. Or how about beautiful colorful rocks and minerals like these ones for inspiration? We just made them out of metalic paper but I’m sure you can make much more exciting looking rocks than what we did!

And find some nice boxes for them and place your paper rocks inside, make a specimen label saying ‘rocks’. Create a nice presentation like in a natural history museum.


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