Egg People Easter Craft

This is one of our favorite Easter crafts for kids - making characters with eggs, not only do they make great Easter decorations as a twist on traditional Easter eggs, you can play with them as toys! Here's our version of 'Egg People', all dressed up quite smartly, most probably for a chic spring picnic on Easter holidays.

They are very easy to make from our colorful templates that resemble cupcake wrappers. You can also hide them in places instead of normal Easter eggs – it’s a fun option for a change!

How to make
Easter egg people

First, print the templates and cut out. Wrap around to fit the eggs and tape or glue the ends.

Cut out the arms, fold and place as in the picture above, or glue to the sides as you like.

Place your eggs in the paper wrapper, draw funny faces and decorate as you want!

We drew very simple faces and hair styles with pens, but it would be fun to use many colors, googly eyes or other objects to make funny faces! You may want to add hats or hair.


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