Easy Sewing Cards

One of our long over-due crafts here on MrP is sewing projects for kids. Sewing is not just great for developing fine-motor skills as we all know but also leads once learnt to many creative DIY projects kids can make.

We start with easy sewing patterns for little beginners. They are simple geometric shapes you can lace along the edges of or create patterns with.

Using different colored papers and yarn, they will look nice as ornaments so display them proudly once your beginner crafter finishes their first sewing project! They also make pretty gift tags kids can help make.

We have a couple of gem shapes everyone loves.

Also a few shapes you might find useful for the festive season, loosely resembling snowflakes and trees, so you can use your preschooler’s work as great Christmas ornaments too.

They look great hanging up!

How to use
these simple sewing cards

Print the sewing card templates on card stock, or print on plain paper and trace the shapes onto colorful card stock. You can also make them with cardboard or sheet balsa wood (drill the holes in this case) for repeated use.

Punch the holes according to the templates. We used a normal paper punch for the holes on the edges and cut out the holes in the middle where the punch couldn’t reach with an x-acto knife. You can instead push an empty pen or sharp object through the holes.

For the yarn, we tied a small paper piece to the end so it doesn’t go through the holes. If you don’t have a small plastic needle you can glue a tightly rolled up paper piece at the end of the yarn so you can hold this stiff end to thread through, just like a shoelace.


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