Flapping Paper Birds

by La Maison De Lou Lou

I used to make paper birds like these when I was a kid. Flying them all around the house or just blowing some air and seeing how they flapped! A real adventure. Now spring is finally here, all the nature is slowly waking and the birds are out and happy. I wanted to share that craft with the kids and show them how easily and simply you can make a paper bird.

How to make
flapping paper birds

What you need

Printed template

Start by printing your Bird template, then cut each element.

Fold the wings and tie on a piece of thread. Then attach the wings and thread to the body with a pinch of glue.

Let it dry and then start flapping!

If you want you can play with your bird outside and in that case you can skip the thread step. The flapping can also be a decorative element, just hang them up like a mobile as pretty room decor.

Let’s go happy flapping!


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