The Adventures of the Peg Dolls

Wooden dolly peg dolls are one of the most popular traditional homemade toys, going back to Victorian times in Britain, still loved by many and made in the same way. Poor children in 19th century England who couldn't afford those magnificent Victorian dolls made humble peg dolls with wooden cloth pegs and scrap fabrics.

Have a look at these dolls on the National Museum of Wales website for a traditional example. It’s probably not the prettiest doll but isn’t that humble look so adorable?
We love making peg dolls, but this time we shortened and just painted the pegs instead of dressing them up with fabric, then we took them on whole new adventures with fun cardboard animals & vehicles they can ride on!

How to make peg dollies,
cardboard animals and vehicles

Cut the dolly pegs with a hand saw so they stand up. Mark a line with a pencil (you can wrap a piece of paper around to help draw a straight line) and cut as straight as you can. Sandpaper them well so the edges are smooth and free of splinters.

Paint them as you like. Draw fun faces and your favorite clothes.

Draw animals & vehicles onto cardboard. Cut them out. Cutting cardboard is not easy for children, so like sawing the pegs, this will be a parents only part.

Use our templates if you like. These are for making the animals, a bicycle and a helicopter featured in the photos.

Cut the slots at the feet of the animals and vehicles. Cut small pieces of cardboard with slots facing upwards. When slotted together, they should stand up straight. Glue them if you like. You can make any fun animals or cars in this way. Color and decorate them!

Now your peg dolls can ride on the cardboard creatures and vehicles and go on big adventures! Hope you all have loads of fun!


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