Great printable templates to make 3d paper toys, paper dolls and cardboard toys


Super fun toys to make with your recycled cardboards with these easy templates

Printable templates to make cute Toucan, elegant Flamingo, majestic Eagle and Bird of Paradise for your finger tips. Ready to fly?

Get creative with My Paper World printable papers and make your dream play scene come true!



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10 Responses to Homemade Toys for Creative Play

  1. Thank you for the printables. My great granddaughters are going to love the cone people. I have to figure out what they are wrapped around. One picture looked like there was a can inside. Maybe those tiny bathroom cups will do. I will have to figure that out.

  2. This is my all time favorite website for new things to do with my kiddo. Thank you so much Mr Printables! So much better than buying toys all the time!

  3. Mr Printable – you are incredibly creative – love love love all you present – you never cease to amaze us – thank you for years of awesome fun printables – 🙂

  4. The surroundings our will inherit. It’s in addition great being different, to offer a child many options to choose from in addition to help nurture their unbiased tastes in addition to thoughts of course there are several cat games which can be not necessarily Hello Cat. And so for all the center thought motives.

  5. Love love love this site! Perfect for my granddaughter! Do the Cone Girls have any Thanksgiving outfits? My granddaughter loves the cone girls!! I have blinged some of their outfits! LOL

  6. I love your site. We try to conserve on printer ink (especially colour) and my girls love to colour their printouts on their own though, is there a way to offer these toys as colour in yourself? Love these cute toy ideas.

  7. Je suis française et de ce fait ne comprend pas bien comment imprimer les gabarits pour les sujets Le Grand Nord. Merci de m’aider

  8. Can try to be more explicit, or detailed with instruction?!! Other than that this is an amazing website. Vey inspirational when it comes to getting outside the drowsy everyday life and it into the fun colorful uplifting creative life! Just a suggestion for new users, I combined different projects to create fun plays and pretend world with pretend people! My parents are very supportive and buy me ink and paper and I come on this site right after school! In conclusion, I love this site and new users welcome, welcome, welcome! You are in for a ride!

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