Ladybug Party Straw Toppers

by La Maison De Lou Lou

Let’s celebrate spring with these Ladybug straw toppers. Spring is here! Now the weather is getting better, nature is blossoming. Ladybugs are busy here and there and for sure they are our favorite insects. So we can celebrate & party with them properly I’ve designed a few of them as printable straw toppers.

You can also have fun in different ways: you can wear them as ladybug finger puppets or as decoration for a ladybug themed party. Use your imagination, print the template and let the ladybugs wander around the house! Busy doing whatever it is they do!

How to make
ladybird straw toppers
& finger puppets

What you need

The printed printable
glue or tape & double tape
straws or paper cups
& your fingers!

Have all your supplies ready to work with.

Cut all the ladybugs from your printed template.

For the finger puppets

Cut a strip of paper: around a 1 ½” by ½”.
Fold the strip at both ends and glue it to the back of your ladybugs. That’s it, now you’re ready to play.

For the straw toppers

Tape your ladybugs to your straws. To sit them on your paper cups you can either use glue or double sided tape.


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