Learning about Emotions – Make a face!

Learn about emotions with this DIY toy with changing faces, made with cardboard and a few fasteners. You can create hundreds of facial expressions!

How to make your
'Make A Face' emotion toy

You will need
6 fasteners, cardboard, craft knife, glue, needle and thread

Print the template and mount on a piece of cardboard. If you’re using the blank template, color and decorate your own fun face. Cut around the shapes. Make holes where marked.

Insert the fasteners through each eye, eyebrow, nose and mouth then through the holes in the right position on the circle face. Close the fasteners at the back.

Glue the pink cheek and tear drop on both sides of cardboard circles cut to the same size. Put a thread through the top end of this circle. Gather both ends of the tread and insert through the hole in the face and fix at the back. The circle will be dangling as in the photo and you can flip it to show either rosy cheek or tear drop.


Now you can turn the facial features, flip the cheek/tear disc to express all sorts of emotions!

You can also write down emotion words on cards and hang them with threads. Then you can place the correct card in front as you make different facial expressions to learn the vocabulary together.

Some of the faces we made with words were: happy, sad, angry, furious, surprised, embarrassed, worried, disappointed, pleased, proud, confident, funny etc.

Or how would you describe these faces?

Check out our flash cards for learning about emotions and other DIY toy templates!


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