My Paper World – Wild Green

The first set of scenery papers in our My Paper World series is ‘Wild Green’ collection in the ‘Nature’ series.

You can create the landscape of your wildest imagination from just a few sheets of printed paper. Making your own printed paper toys are a lot of fun and really satisfying, just give it a try.

A brief guide of how to start

Let your imagination be your guide! But if you want little tips for a kick start, have a peek at what we did.

You can start by making a rough map of the area you want to create. Patch the papers as you need. Make the fields, sea, lakes and rivers … etc.

Add mountains, trees, flower beds, streams, boulders… whatever you fancy.
Simple cone shapes can become mountains and trees. Scrunch the paper or tear them as you like. There are no rules!

Take a look at what we made, we’ve called it Rocky Mountain Falls. We had so much fun making this!! It is unbelievably easy to make fantastic scenery like this. Our first creation is a beautiful place with mountains, lakes and fir trees and it is just one example of endless environments you can create. There’s no limit to how small n’ intimate or EPIC BIG you make your landscape.
Each printed scenery paper can be cut, folded, crunched and glued however you like. We’re sure you’ll come up with lots of ideas!


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The Wild Green Collection

Browse the patterns below, download and print whatever tickles your fancy.
Read on for a closer look at the landscape we made and a quick start guide!

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8 Responses to My Paper World – Wild Green

  1. Awesome idea. At the moment I am making my own little paper world. I recommend to start off by printing one of each design off, then you can get some more paper as you go. Thanks also for making it 100% FREE! Bye bye, from Kat…….

  2. You could also draw some animals with a black pen(e.g. a bear) or you could draw some little people like in one of the pictures. Happy crafting

  3. Amazing, I just found this web page and can not stop looking at the great things. You have some impressive imagination. I love the page to do things with my two girls, they are going to love it too. Questio, do you keep on changing the activities and put away the old ones or you add more from time to time, it’s just to know if I should print them know and keep them at home or can wait until we do the activity with the girls.
    GREAT JOB!!!

  4. I agree with Kat, that it is a good idea to start off with one of each design and print more off as required. My tip is to add some orange and red paper and to shape them into a little flame, a bit like a camp fire and position it where desired. Happy crafting everyone…

  5. Mr. Printable – very inspiring – I am an art teacher, so I am always looking for great ideas. What do you think about letting my students design their own paper and using your ideas as a springboard – asking them to create worlds of their own?
    I am excited by the possibilities!

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