Cone Girls
3D Paper Dolls

Looking like the cast of a glamorous school prom we present the cone girls! They are lovely 3D free printable paper dolls in a cone shape, with all the dressing up fun of the classic paper dolls. So easy to make, the simple cone shape is perfect for little ones to hold in their hands and play imaginatively with. These girls are great friends to have around!

Each set comes with 2 cone girls with 4 different outfits, all set for a spring promenade.

The most fun thing about paper dolls is dressing them up for their adventures, perhaps a relaxing picnic or fabulous party. These clever girls have outfits that come in cone shapes you can easily swap over.

How to make
these 3d paper dolls

You’ll be happy to hear they’re super easy to make!
Cut out the templates and glue at the back to make them into cone shapes. The outfits are slightly bigger than the girls. If your paper’s especially thinner or thicker, adjust the outfits when you glue them so they fit well.


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Check out our printable paper dolls & puppets page. There are more seasonal outfits for your cone girls!

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