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My Paper World is a special series of printable papers out of which you can create a whole world! We will be sharing a myriad of different patterns you can cut, shape, scrunch, roll, glue and tear to create mountains, lakes, cities with busy roads and skyscrapers, farm houses…. just like with the ‘original’ Lego (Ohh where art thou? ) you will be able to create any scene and play set you can dream up, it’s down to you!
Simple basic material with endless possibilities, get your scissors and glue out, create your own world and have lots of fun! This series will grow and grow – it’ll be a fun challenge for your imagination. : )


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Wild Green

Browse our nature papers and
create your own beautiful

The ‘Nature’ series is the first in our My Paper World collection and we’re calling the first set in our ‘Nature’ series; ‘Wild Green’. This will keep you busy but we’ll have many more exciting themes here soon.

We love Paper Toys and we’ll have more to share with you all soon.