Animal Flash Cards in Polaroid Style

free printable animal flash cards

This lovely set of printable animal flash cards comes in a nostalgic Polaroid style!

We loved Polaroid photos but sadly the company discontinued producing their films. What a shame, we miss you! Since then we found Fuji Instax series which is really great. They have a cute sized rectangular film and it’s so lucky somebody’s continuing with polaroids.
The big square Polariod format is classic. If you still use Polaroid with left over films, why not take photos of simple objects, animals or anything you want to teach to the children and make your own flash cards? For example, take polaroid photos of family members and write down on each one ‘mom’, ‘dad’, ‘brother’, ‘grandma’ etc. Polaroids look great just taped on the wall or hung on a line. Great fun.

Well, if you don’t have polaroid, we hope you enjoy our polaroid ‘style’ : ) printable animal flash cards. Inspired by our nostalgia of this nice square format, with the extra space under the photo you can write on.

These flash cards are made with our own photos, some from family and friends. We collected farm animals first. Next time we go to the zoo or to the jungle (!) we will take more photos of other animals for another set. Now where’s that Elephant gone…

Each page has 4 square cards and the whole set includes:
cow, sheep, duck, goose, horse, chicken, dog, pig, lamb, milk cow, pheasant, robin, swan, donkeys, lambs, geese

We also included a set without words – just with photos and a blank area you can fill in yourself in your own handwriting and in other languages too!


Cards with words – A4 | LTR
Cards without words – A4 | LTR

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You will need

Heavy weight papers (try glossy paper for a more Polaroid-like look!)
Scissors or craft knife & ruler


printable animal flash cards previewprintable animal flash cards preview