My Days Blank Calendars

Making your own calendar is much more exciting and fun for kids than using standard ones. Our printable blank calendars are perfect for children to learn the days, months and seasons, learning to count numbers comes as a bonus!

The days include a simple black numbers only page if you don’t want to print all the colors. Children can decorate and color the squares. Colored squares can be mixed in any way you like to create your own look or to mark special days.

How to make
your own calendar

You will need

Papers (normal papers are fine but you can use inkjet papers for the colored numbers if you want vivid colors.)
Label Papers (optional for days & months stickers, otherwise use glue to stick them on)

Print the desired number of blank calendar templates, 1 of the year & months page and multiple ‘days’ pages.

Children can cut out and glue the months, days and special holidays and complete their calendars. Parents and teachers can help with where to start the first day and where to end.

Decorate as you like!


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  1. My LO keeps asking me to make her a Calendar! So I thought about it for a while, looked up a bunch of boring ones and remembered !Mr.Printables! Honestly, she’s going to LOVE this one after school! (now to get my printer settings correct lol…) Thank you for sharing so many wonderful activities with us for free, for us, & our children Mr.Printables! Jeanine, Canada

  2. Decided to use this wonderful calendar for our wall calendar. Needed a way to present a time concept as well as an idea for learning family members. If you want to see a couple pictures of what we used the calendar for please visit: Thank you soooo much!. You have lots of very nice ideas!

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