Lazy Greeting Cards

Please welcome our lazy cards – we call them Lazies. They are lovely printable greeting cards and are very lazy. They just sit around, doing nothing but keeping you company. So when you send one of these to someone, it surely will keep that person company – always, because it doesn’t want to do anything else. Isn’t that sweet?

There are a lazies couple and two little lazy babies cards in the download files. For some extra fun, kids can color in, decorate and customize the faces!

Print the template on a heavyweight matte paper or your favorite cardstock.
Cut along the outline of the card with one arm and legs. Cut out the other separate arm and glue it to the back of the card where it’s marked. (Baby lazies don’t need gluing.)
Write your message inside, fold up the arms and legs and insert into an envelope. Send!

Now they will sit around whoever receives them, carrying your message inside, reminding of you always.
They can sit on a desk, on the edge of book shelves, on top of a mantelpiece with their calm faces …
If you have friends who are always busy and under pressure, these lazies can help them remember that sometimes it’s good to be lazy…!


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