Great confidence boosters for kids! These free printable certificates & awards are fun ways to help children feel positive and proud when they do something good.

Helping mom & dad, sharing their toys, eating healthily, being nice to their sister… when you want to teach preschoolers those small everyday acts with long lasting values, or to encourage them for making an extra effort to learn new things, giving kids these certificates or awards together with your prize/treats (they’re also useful when you haven’t got any treats at hand!) can be a good option.

They look great framed and decorating a bedroom or family room, displayed this way they act as feel good reminders.

The general purpose of using Awards and Certificates for kids

  • – To help young children understand that certain kinds of behavior or effort has a positive value.
  • – To boost their confidence & self-esteem by showing parent’s approval in a more fun and lasting way.
  • – To encourage and cheer them up when they are disappointed after group activities or an exam.
  • – To show appreciation from others in classrooms.

When children do something they feel is positive but feel that it’s unnoticed by parents or teachers, they may get disappointed and do something naughty to get attention.
If kids feel that you notice their mistakes more often than positives, it can have a negative effect on their confidence. We all agree it’s a good idea to always show more attention to the positive things they do than to what they do wrong.

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