My Color Book

This lovely printable color activity book contains many fun pages for kids to fill in and have fun with colors. It's a great addition to any homeschool color learning activities or just a fun thing to do on the weekends. They also make a lovely family keepsake.

The activities involve posing questions to family members, observing and researching, sampling/scrapbooking and experimenting.
Simply print them and bind together with string or staples, and you have a wonderful little book about colors you can complete yourself!

Pages include

Everybody’s favorite color check!
Around the house color check!
Wardrobe color check!
Color spotting 1 & 2

My color samples – warm vs cold, dark vs light
Foods color check!
Color mixing experiments chart
Certificate of Completion!

How to make this
color activity book

Download the pages, print and fold in half. Add some extra colored papers to insert like we did if you like.

We recommend that you print the cover on thicker paper.
Print the pages on normal papers or recycled papers. You may want to print on both sides of the paper. If you do this, check the page loading direction carefully.

Insert colorful papers between printed pages to make a more colorful book. Create more activity pages with your own ideas!

More page insert ideas
– Insert magazine cutouts, fabrics, wrapping papers and other colorful material.
– Clear plastic sheets or thick water color papers for different surfaces to color and doodle on.
-Create more questions, tasks or coloring pages

Make 2 holes on the middle fold line with a sharp object (take care!) and put a string through the holes and tie on the outside. Done!

(You can make 4 holes and tie 2 strings to make the notebook stronger.)


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